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All Spot Colors
Thu Oct 13, 2016 15:43

INTRODUCTION OF HUADA BASIC COLOR MATCHING SYSTEMHuada always insist to use best pigments in our basic color system.“one pigment/one varnish/one base ink” is the key philosophy to make the Huada basic ink. We are choosing extreme high density and highly purity raw materials to pursue the widest color gamut.All basic ink are using high performance vehicle with envriomental protective formulars. All basic ink pass RoHS to protect your press out of risk Huada BasicTM color matching system even provide solutions for “high rub resist” or “non-skinning” requimentsFEATURES1.Extreme high density and purity basic ink; 2.Highly reproductable of press work; 3.Exact Pantone color or wider color gamut; 4.Offer both sheetfed and UV color matching3.1 High density/high purity base ink3.2 yellow1, yellow 2, yellow3, bronze red, bright red, magenta1, magenta2, rohdamine, purple, violet, reflex blue, cyan, blue 072, green, black, opaque white, transparent white url:

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