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736II Fiberglass Rapier Loom
Thu Oct 13, 2016 16:27

GA736II Fiberglass rapier loomFeaturers:This machine is suitable for weaving plain cloth,Website:, twill and plaid of fiber glass, convenient maintenance and wide adaptability. It adopts micro-electronic control system , high efficiency, more steady.Main Datas:Reed width150-360cmSpeed100-180rpmYarn range150-2400texsheddingUpper dobby or tappetHeald frameMax 16Weft selector1-4 colorDia of rolling upRolling inside Dia 500mm,  rolling outside Dia800mmDia of beam flange600 or 680 or creel typeWeft stopPiezoelectric ceramicpower1.5kwweight2200-2700kgsOverall size4000mm X 1800mm X 1700mm (230cm)

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