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18650 Battery Pack
Thu Oct 13, 2016 16:27

If you are looking for high quality 18650 battery pack from professional China company and factory,Website:, please feel free to contact Wama Electronic, we are one of the leading China 18650 battery pack manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale products from us.18650 Battery Pack18650 Battery3.7V 18650 Li-ion battery is belong to rechargeable battery, the battery is put PCM protect board and without protect board two kinds, the + side have sharp side and common side.  We are always suppling high quality 18650 battery with new battery body, grade A quality, full real capacity, long discharging time,etc.Purpose: LED flashlight,Laptop, etc electric productsCapacity: Our 18650 real capacity: 2600mah,2400mah,2200mah etcGuarantee: 1 year quality guarantee.Quality Certification: our Li-ion 18650 battery have passed SGS,UL certification, so it may be use in all the worldFEATURESModelVoltage(V)Capacity(mAh)Size (mm)Weight (g)DiaHeightICR144303.763014.342.817ICR144703.770014.346.819ICR145003.772014.350.020ICR146503.7100014.364.824ICR173503.760017.034.818ICR175003.7100017.050.028ICR176503.7145017.065.036ICR185003.7135018.050.032ICR186503.7220018.065.045ICR186503.7240018.065.045ICR186503.7260018.065.045pls contact us directly if you need more technical information.

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