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Hydraulic Pump Unit DYB , High Pressure Hydraulic Pump
Thu Oct 13, 2016 21:25

The Feature of Hydraulic Pump Unit DYB Series1. Equipped with oil tanks or special equipment, can achieve the lifting, bending, more direct, extrusion, shear, riveting, demolition, pressing and other work requirements.2.The Dual line hydraulic power unit installed in some mechanical equipment as a hydraulic power source.3. As a variety of high-pressure hydraulic components, pressure vessels, pressure hose test pump station. In supporting oil cylinder and special tools, can undertake various operations, for example, from the weight, curved, straight, shear, riveting, assembly and some construction machinery, military construction.rdering Code:Normal Ordering Code: HSYB 0.5/1/0.55/220V 15Explanation below:DYB0.5/1/0.55/220V15*(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(1) Hydraulic Power Unit Code=DYB(2) Fluid Flow Rate At High Pressure: 0.5L/min ~ 12L/min(Check the chart below)(3) Fluid Flow Rate At Low Pressure: 1L/min ~ 50L/min(Check the chart below)(4) Motor Power: 0.55Kw~15Kw(Check the chart below)(5) Motor Voltage: 220VAC or 380VAC(6) Oil Tank Volume: 15= 15L(7) Further InformationCodeMax.PreLow Pre.Flow At High Pre.Flow At Low Pre.PowerVoltageOil TankDYB0.5570Mpa2Mpa0.5L/min1L/min0.55KW380/220V15LDYB0.7570Mpa2Mpa0.8L/min2.5L/min0.75KW380/220V20LDYB1.570Mpa2Mpa1.5L/min6L/min1.5KW380/220V40LDYB2.270Mpa2Mpa2.5L/min6L/min2.2KW380V60LDYB370Mpa2Mpa3L/min6L/min3KW380V60LDYB470Mpa2Mpa3.5L/min6L/min4KW380V60LDYB5.570Mpa2Mpa4.5L/min10L/min5.5KW380V90LDYB7.570Mpa2Mpa6L/min12L/min7.5KW380V90LDYB1170Mpa2Mpa9L/min15L/min11KW380V120LDYB1570Mpa2Mpa12L/min50L/min15KW380V200L url:

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