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Lead Dioxide Anode
Thu Oct 13, 2016 21:37

Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of lead dioxide anode. Our company can offer you corrpro vendor lead dioxide titanium anode, pbo2-ti anode at competitive price.

Lead Dioxide Anode

●Substrate & Coating Substrate: ASTMB 265 Titanium Mesh Plates or Mesh TubeCoating: Lead Dioxide●Coating thickness0.5-1.0mm●Oxygen Evolution Potential1.68V●Working Current<5000A/m2●Working Temperature<60℃●Application Field1)Electro winning/Hydrometallurgy-Cu or Ni metal recovery2)Sewage treatment to decrease COD3)To make chromic acid, perchlorate and periodate4)Chromium plating and hard chromium plating in stronger acid solution5)Chromate Treatment6)Electrochemical oxidation synthetic organic compounds in acid solution


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