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0.1ml 96 Wells Half Skirt White PCR Plate
Thu Oct 13, 2016 21:52

96 wells PCR Plate, 0.1ml volume of each tube, half skirt, white colorCertified Dnase, Rnase and Endotoxin freeMade from quality clean virgin polypropyleneAlphanumeric well coding available to further assist in sample storage and organizationRC-01W-G0050.1ml 96 wells half skirt PCR plateWhite50 Plates/Case (10/pk, 5pk/case)Compatible with the PCR machines are as following: Products RC-01W-G005 Cycler LP ABI 2400 RP X 2700 RP X 2720 RP X 5700 RP X 7000 RP X 7300 RP X 7500 RP X 7500 Fast LP X 7700 RP X 7900 RP X 7900 Fast LP X 9600 RP/HP V 9700 RP X 9800 Fast LP V StepOne LP Vc StepOne Plus LP V Veriti RP X Veriti Fast LP V 3100 RP X 3130 RP X 3700 RP X 3730/3730X RP X Biometra Tpersonal MP 48 X T1 MP V Tgradient MP X T3000 MP X Tprofessional MP X Trobot MP V BioRad GeneCycler RP X iCycler RP X iCycler IQ RP X IQ5 RP X MyCycler RP X MyIQ RP X Ptc-100 MP V Ptc-150 MP X Ptc-200 MP V Ptc-225 MP V Opticon LP V Opticon2 LP V MiniOpticon MP X Chromo4 MP V C-1000 LP V S-1000 LP V CFX96 LP/RP V CFX384 X Eppendorf MasterCycler MP V MC Gradient MP V MC ep Gradient MP X MC ep Gradient S MO X MC ep Realplex RP X MC Personal 16 X Stratagene Robo-Cycler MP X MX3000P RP X MX3005P RP X MX4000 X Roche LightCycler 480 LP V+ LightTyper LP V+ Cycler LP Products red Low Profile cycler (96 x 0.1) LP   Low Profile 0,1 ML X Doesn't fit V Fits V+ Most optimal Vc Can be cut to fit Va Requires adaptor to fit LP Low profile (0.1 ml volume) RP Regular Profile HP High Profile MP accept all profiles url:

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