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Bespoke Automatic Socket Assembly Equipment
Thu Oct 13, 2016 23:07

Customized and cheap fully automatic socket assembly equipment from FLC Tech Co., Ltd is one of professional fully automatic hanger assembly machine manufacturers and supplier in China. Don't hesitate to contact us.Bespoke fully Automatic Socket Assembly EquipmentFeatures:●Automatic assembly may require more precise tolerances than the product.●Stable design that is not changed frequently or family designs which can be easily programmed.●Volume production, which one estimate suggests should be at least 300 units/hr, or a million units/yr.● Simple components can be handled automatically, such as shafts or rods. Such parts are more easily fed and do not require complex feed mechanisms to orient them correctly.Parameters:Production rate: 1200 pcs/Hour.Control system: PLCOperation system: Fully-automaticPower supply: Single phase 220VAir supply: 0.6MpaIn selecting fasteners for automatic assembly, the designer should try to standardize fastener size as much as possible. Standardization means fewer assembly stations and lower tooling and retooling costs. Installation components are widely available for standard fasteners.In all cases, feeding and reliable orientation are generally the most difficult parts of the assembly process. If a fastener can be fed properly, it can be installed. url:

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