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Electronics International Freight Shipping Cost And Quote
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:15

electronics international freight shipping cost and quoteSHIPPING ELECTRONICS & TECHNOLOGY 
DOOR-TO-DOOR SECURE ELECTRONICS SHIPPINGNeed to ship your computers, servers, printers, or heavy office electronics from here to there? Technology equipment can be intimidating to pack, crate, and ship due to their shape, size, and fragility. Electronics often require specialized packaging to meet the carrier industry’s very specific packing and shipping requirements for electronics. Carriers will deny all claims for damage to or the replacement of electronics when packaging does not meet those standards, so it is important to trust the experts with your valuable electronic items.We are Your Leader in Logistics Solutions for shipping electronics with 30 years expertise in the handling and packaging of sensitive equipment. We ensure technology equipment’s safe arrival using special packing materials, such as suspension boxes and anti-static wrapping materials. We also provide on-site pick-up, packing, and crating.Let the experts at Pak Mail help you pack and ship electronics, such as:Computers – desktop or laptop
Printers – any size and shape
Displays / Monitors
Blu-ray, DVD, or VHS players
Video game consoles – Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.
Stereo equipment – CD players, receivers, subwoofers, speakers, etc.
SUGGESTIONS FOR SUCCESSFUL ELECTRONICS SHIPPINGBack up all computer data on a removable drive or disk.
Remove ink cartridges and toner from printers to prevent accidental spillage. Place in a separate zip-lock bag and include with the shipment.
Record the make, model, and serial number of all electronics prior to shipping.
Account for all remote controls, power supply cables, and any other necessary cords or cables.
Remove any movies, video games, or CDs prior to shipment.For electronics international shippingthat air and express are the mostly used way.
For exporting electronicsshippingfrom China, there are two points to note
1.electronics international shippingfrom China with battery.
We can arrange by air, express: dhl, ups, fedex, ems by doing Dangerous certificate
2.electronics international shippingfrom China without battery.It is general cargo, enjoy general cargo international shipping cost.
Electronics international shippingimport into China.
We can handle import into China via hong Kong, which is easier, faster. url:

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