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Ebay International Shipping Cost
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:16

ebay international shipping cost International freightandinternational tradearean integral part, same as ebay international shipping and ebay.In addition to the product itself, the problem buyers are most concerned about is the way of freight, shipping cost,howlongshipping time etc,make sure hecan receive hisfavorite items within the expected time. Thus, if the seller can provide accurate and timely delivery service and reasonable shipping costs,you canwin more buyers to purchase,trustand praise. Here are some key points to select internationalshipping transport method and distribution for your reference.General speaking, when you choose ebay international shipping way , you need to pay attention to the following main points:1. From the buyer's point of view, consider all aspectsfor buyer, including freight, safety, delivery speed, whether occurtariffs;
2. Try to meet the product safety and speed of circumstances, to choose low freight service for buyers;
3. Beautiful packagingis not necessary; the focus is safely and quickly delivered to purchasers of goods sold;
4. China Post EMS provideair parcel courier services,whichis the mode of transport most Chinese cross-border transactions Seller adopted, in addition to the Hongkong Post aviation packets, SingaporePostfor your choice;
5. Buyershave different requirements of international freight shippingoption, even with more experience, you can not assess the situation of all buyers. We recommend that you leave the choice to the buyer, you show that support mode of transport in the item description, and then identify a default mode of transport, so buyers will contact you if they need other value added shipping service;Typesof internationalfreight shipping and distribution methods introduced
Chinese seller usually chooses international shipping: China Post "air parcel" and "EMS", by internationally renowned logistics companies and distribution, suchasHong KongPost, Singapore Postand so on.China Post Deliveryshipping method and time:Air pacel;EMS;and sea-land(sea and air transport)
Time of arrival 4-7 days ;7-15 days ;15-30 daysHigh-quality freight and well knowninternational logistics companies (relatively expensive):UPS FebEx DHL TNT
Delivery time based on your city and destination city
UPS tracking , DHL Tracking ,FedExTracking TNT TrackingFinally, because of high rates of cooperate direct with aboveinternational freight shipping company UPS FebEx DHL TNT
EMS,Hongkong Port,Singapore Post, many sellers and buyers choose to cooperatewithefficient and professional logistics service providers to save a lot of freight costand enjoy VIP account of above courier company.Cooperation logistics service providers
The following are PayPal logistics service providers: DHL url:

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