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XYG-204 Complex Calcium Sulfonate Grease
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:35

XYG-204 Complex Calcium Sulfonate  GreaseBasic Information: Base OilHigh-viscosity  mineral oilThis grease is characterized of high temperature, water proof, and heavy load.ThickenerHigh alkali value complex calcium sulfonate etcAdditivesAnti wear, extreme pressure, anti corrosion, rust inhibitor etc.Typical Values: ItemTypical ValuesAppearanceYellow brown ointmentDropping Point,℃ ≥330Corrosion(T2    sheet copper,100℃,24h)PASSSteel mesh oil filtering (100℃,24h)     %  ≤4.2Evaporation  (99℃, 22h)    %  ≤0.8Extreme-pressure performance: 4-ball testPB, N 1200Sprinkling loss  (38℃,1h)%  ≤0.76Features:1) Outstanding high temperature performance, good shear    stability, excellent water resistance, extreme pressure and high-performance,    adhesion performance, integrated water proof property;2)Great rust resistance for bearings with ambient of 20% water;3)Applicable for bearings in working conditions of rolling mill.Application: 1)Specially designed for bearings for of temperature, heavy duty, long-term contact with water, as well as medium and low speed, such as the rolling bearings, sliding bearings, directional bearing etc in industries like steel plants, paper mills, textile, printing and dyeing, cement, marine etc.2) Recommended for application on bearings of hot roller and cold roller in steel industry, big pack turret, crystallizer, fan-shaped roller segment,straightening machine etc of continuous casting equipment, roller conveyor lubrication and textile printing and dyeing industry, bearing a variety of high-temperature drying machine.3) Also applied to the lubrication parts of high temperature, high humidity, heavy-duty in paper making industry, as well as lubrication of some parts working under water. Especially recommended for industries of iron and steel, paper, cement and other heavy industries.Temperature range:  -30℃~250℃. url:

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