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XYG-206 Synthetic High Temperature Grease
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:36

XYG-206 Synthetic High Temperature GreaseBasic Information: Base OilImported high quality oilThickenerComplex soapAdditivesAnti wear, extreme pressure, anti oxidant, rust inhibitor etc.Typical Values: ItemTypical ValuesDropping Point,℃  ≥290Evaporation (99℃, 24h) %  ≤1.0Corrosion(T2 sheet copper,100℃,24h) PASSSteel mesh oil filtering (100℃,24h)%  ≤0.5Extreme-pressure performance: Timken test. OK, N ≤180Oxidation invariability (99℃, 100h, 0.760Mpa) differential    pressure Mpa   ≤0.04Features:1) Good high temperature performance, small changes of consistency at high temperature, no dripping, no coking. Stable oxidation property.2) Under work conditions of contacting with plenty of water and    steam, there is not grease losing; non-emulsifying, anti-corrosion and long service life3) Lowering the equipment noise and vibration to the minimum.Application: 1) This grease is versatile, applied to the lubrication of gears, chain base, ratcheting and baking equipment etc, for a variety of medium and heavy-duty ball, roller, and sliding bearings. 2) It is also applied to the lubrication of wheel hub bearings, chassis etc, for heavy load, long-distance carrier vehicles.Temperature range: -30℃~200℃.Notes: 1) Get lubrication parts cleaned to avoid contamination before using this grease. 2) Do not mix with other oils and fats.3) Seal it promptly after using, to prevent dust pollution. url:

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