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XYG-207 Superfine High Temperature Grease
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:38

XYG-207 Super High Temperature GreaseBasic Information: Base OilImported high quality mineral oilThis grease is featured of multi function, heavy load, and  extreme pressure.ThickenerInorganic, including complex lithium and other metallic metallic  powders.AdditivesAnti wear, extreme pressure, anti oxidant, rust inhibitor etc.Typical Values: ItemsTypical ValuesWorked cone penetration, 0.1mm220~250Dropping Point, ℃  ≥260Evaporation (99℃, 24h) %  ≤1.0Corrosion(T2 sheet copper, 100℃, 24h)No green or black changeSteel mesh oil filtering (100℃, 24h)  %  ≤0.5Extreme-pressure performance: Timken test. OK, N ≤178Oxidation invariability (99℃, 100h, 0.760Mpa) differential  pressure Mpa ≤0.034Features: 1) Good high temperature performance, dropping point no less than 290 ℃ to 330 ℃, small change of consistency in long-term working under temperature of 200℃, no oil dropping, no coking, with good oxidation stability.2) Working in contact with plenty of water and steam, there is no running off, or emulsification; noise and vibration are lowered to the minimum. 3) In the harsh environment and working conditions, it provides reliable lubricating protection, enables the equipment to reduce wear and tare, reduce downtime, and extend equipment operation life.Application: This grease is versatile; it can be widely used for the lubrication of gears and other parts of high temperature equipment in metallurgy, mining, paper, power, chemicals, textiles, coast defense, large steel companies, machinery industry and automobile manufacturing.Temperature range: -30℃~250℃.Notes: 1) Get lubrication parts cleaned to avoid contamination before using this grease. 2) Do not mix with other oils and fats.3) Seal it promptly after using, to prevent dust pollution. url:

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