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XYG-642 High-viscosity Plastic Gear Grease
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:38

XYG-642 High-viscosity Plastic Gear GreaseBasic Information: Base OilSpecial base oilThis is a high grade grease to    reduce the noise of plastic gears.ThickenerOf a variety of componentsAdditivesAnti oxidant, rust inhibitor, structure improve agent, etc.Typical Values:ItemTypical ValuesAppearanceWhite or yellow viscous ointmentDropping Point℃ ≥1800.1mm265~295Evaporation (120℃) % (m/m)  ≤3.5Corrosion(T2    sheet copper,100℃,24h)PASSFeatures: 1) Good mechanical stability and thermal stability, excellent adhesion, durably reducing noise.2)Excellent water-resistance and lubrication, and the carrying capacity of a certain degree.3) Compatible with a variety of plastics.Application: Applicable to electrical appliances, toys, office equipment,  where noise control is strict, or where damping is required; for instance, the lubrication and protection of gear bearings and gears of  vehicle handling equipments, seats, outside mirror; CD player, cameras, tape recorders; printers, copiers etc.Temperature range:  -30℃~150℃. url:

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