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XYG-309 Small Motor Gear Grease
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:39

Small Motor Gear GreaseBasic  Information: Base OilSynthetic oilThickenerComplex lithium soapAdditivesAnti oxidant, rust inhibitor etcTypical Values: ItemsValuesWorked cone penetration, 0.1mm265~295Dropping Point,  ℃  ≥180Corrosion (T2 sheet copper, 100℃, 24h)   PASSSteel mesh oil filtering (100℃,24h)  %    ≤5Evaporation (99℃, 24h) %    ≤1.2Oxidation invariability (99℃, 100h, 0.760Mpa) differential pressure  Mpa   ≤0.034Features: 1) Good stabilities of mechanical, colloid and anti-oxidation;2) Good compatibility with metal and non-metallic materials;3) Low  starting torque and running torque, easy to start under low-temperature;4) To reduce the friction coefficient, lower noise, with lasting lubrication performance, and long operation life.Application: 1) Applicable to all kinds of micro motors like series, shaded   pole, induction, and direct current.2) For lubrication of bearings and gears of high-speed  micro-motor, household appliances;3) For other motor bearings, gears etc;4) For motor bearings, gears and fulcrum of medium and small Precision meters.Temperature range:  -30℃~130℃. url:

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