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XYG-203A Tyre Molding Grease
Fri Oct 14, 2016 01:40

XYG-203A Tyre Molding GreaseBasic Information: Base OilSynthetic oil imported from USA.ThickenerInorganic thickener.AdditivesA variety of additives, including Fluorine,Anti wear, extreme pressure, anti oxidant, antirust etc. Typical Values: ItemTypical ValuesTest MethodAppearanceyellowVissualDropping Point,℃ ≥280GB/T4929Worked cone penetration,  0.1mm325~335GB/T265Corrosion (T2 sheet copper, 100℃, 3h)PASSGB/T0031Steel mesh oil filtering (100℃, 3h) %  ≤9SH/T0324Oxidation invariability (99℃, 100h, 0.760Mpa) differential pressure Mpa   ≤0.06GB/T0325Features: → Maintains excellent lubrication performance, anti wear, and extreme pressure property at high temperature. → Added a new type of special solid lubricant to reduce the slipping friction between the metal surfaces.Application: →Applicable to lubrication of rolling bearings under high temperature, high speed, and temperature ranges over 200 ℃, e. g. aviation motors, electrical appliances, clutch thrust bearing, high temperature fan, racing car wheel bearings, plastic tensile stenter machine, decating machines, shrink machines, etc.Temperature range: -30℃~250℃. url:

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