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Powder Metallurgy Iron Powder
Fri Oct 14, 2016 04:21

iron powder size of less than 1mm iron particles aggregate. Colour: Black. It is the main raw material powder metallurgy. According to size,Website:, it is customary divided into meal, medium pink, powder, fine powder and ultra-fine powder of five levels. 500μm particle size of particles in the range of 150 ~ coarse powder consisting of iron powder, particle size 44 ~ 150μm medium powder, 10 ~ 44μm of a fine powder, 0.5 ~ 10μm is very fine powder, is less than 0.5μm ultrafine powder. Generally through 325 mesh standard sieve size less than 44μm powder that is called the sub-sieve powder, to be more accurate screening can only use airflow grading equipment, but for some easily oxidized iron can only use JZDF nitrogen grader to do. Including iron reduced iron powder and atomized iron powder, they are due to the different production methods named.

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