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Four-axis Linkage Welding Machine
Fri Oct 14, 2016 09:03

Shenzhen SHINHOP Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China small and small format four-axis linkage welding machine manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy discount, cheap and low price four-axis linkage welding machine products from us.Modle : HPL-1LFS-350 HPL-1LFS-450 HPL-1LFS-500 Laser wave length:1064nmrated laseroutput power:350W 450W 500WMax laser outputpower:450W 550W 620WMax laser pulseenergy:80J 100J 110Jbeam divergenceangle:≤6mradLaser powerinstability:≤±2.5%spot diameter:≥0.3mmpulse width:0.3ms-20mspulse frequency:0.1-150HzNumber ofwaveforms:15pumping cavity : combined gold-plated reflection cavitypumping source:pulse xenon lampslaser rod& :Nd:YAGFocusing:CCD observing system(optional)CNC system ofwork table industry-control PC or CNC with 3 axises、4 axises or 5 axises(standard will be 3 axises) stroke:300*300*150mm(optional) focus precision:0.02mmresettingprecision:±0.01mm worktable load:50Kg 50Kg 50KgPower supply:380V/3 phase/50Hz/40A 380V/3 phase/50Hz/60A 380V/3phase/50Hz/60ATotal power consumed:12KW   14KW 16KWChiller powercnsumed:5PCooling inner loop water cooling,refrigeration units (optional) W100CMOLD301Laser typeYAGYAGLaser wave length1064nm1064nmMax laser output180W400WMax laser power5KW6KWMax laser pulse energy60J / 10ms100J / 10msPulse width0.1-50ms0.1-50msMinimum spot diameter0.15mm0.2mmPulse frequency1-100Hz1-150HzWork table resetting     precision0.02mm0.02mmWork table load250Kg300KgObserving systemmicroscope(10X )microscope(10X )DriveMotor driveMotor driveOperating deviceHand wheel shake + motor drivespecial rocker for industrial controllingCoolingOutside 1.5P  chillerOutside 3P chillerPower supply220V±5% / 50Hz / 25A380V±5% / 50Hz / 40ATotal power consumed5KW12KW

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