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Pear Shape Separatory Funnel
Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:49

1543 Separatory Funnel,Website:, Pear shape, with ground-in glass or plastic stopper and glass stopcockDescription: Separatory funnel is a glass laboratory equipment, particularly used to a chemical test. It can help control experimental operation process and reduce labor intensity. Pear-shaped separatory funnel down the vertebral body is a ball, and at the upper end of the ball with a ground glass stopper bottle, and the lower end of the piston and welded two-funnel stalked. Because it is elongated inverted vertebral ball, which can be used tapered lower end, so that the liquid level hierarchical separation after extraction relatively easy to grasp.There are 6 sizes available: 60ml pear shape separatory funnel, 125ml pear shape separatory funnel, 250ml pear shape separatory funnel, 500ml pear shape separatory funnel, 1000ml pear shape separatory funnel, 2000ml pear shape separatory funnel.Material: Neutral glassColor: ClearKey Product Features:1.Easier to separate liquid2. Control the liquid dropping rate3. High Quality4. Cheap price Specification:Cat. NoCapacityO.D.ofTotalDia.ofI.D.ofQty.  bodylengthstemneckPer mlmmmmmmmmcase154360482057146015431256726071948154325074310819321543500903559242415431000120430102912154320004

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