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Amber Glass Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle
Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:56

1402 REAGENT BOTTLE, Amber glass narrow mouth with ground-in glass or plastic stopperĀ 1.Product DescriptionReagent Bottles are useful for storing both liquids and powders. These bottle mouth and stopper stem are machine ground. This glass-to-glass joint is an air-tight seal without the use of a rubber or cork stopper. There are 10 sizes available : 30ml Reagent Bottles, 60ml Reagent Bottles, 125ml Reagent Bottles, 250ml Reagent Bottles, 500ml Reagent Bottles, 1000ml Reagent Bottles, 2500ml Reagent Bottles, 5000ml Reagent Bottles, 10000ml Reagent Bottles, 20000ml Reagent Bottles.2.Product informationSpecifications:Cat.No.Capacity(ml)Dia.of.body(mm)Dia.of.mouth(mm)Height(mm)Qty/Ctn14023040187614414026046228514414021255724110144140225070271357214025008533172481402100010638202241402250014548270614025000185583386140210000225684302140220000265825201Product Features : All glass bottle and stopper made from 3.3 borosilicate glass helps prevent changes in pH levels and maintain content purity; Amber glass for light-sensitive products;Ground glass stopper for air-tight sealĀ Material:Boro 3.3 GlassColor:amberSelling point: Various specifications; Preferential price;High quality; made from 3.3 borosilicate glass url:

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