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QT-S122 LED Aviation Obstruction Light
Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:26

FEATURE v Multi-Layer LED superimposition---extremely long life up to 100,000 hoursv 122 mm Fresnel lens made of polycarbonate, which is resistant to shock and acid.v Built from heavy-duty die-casting aluminum alloy---offer customer's excellent corrosion and weather resistancev Perfect combination of high-efficiency monocrystaline silicon solar panel and high-capacity storage cells provides adequate power for the flasher to keep flashing for 20 continuous overcast and rainy days.v During daylight hours the solar module will charge the battery through photo-switch incorporated into the flasher unit. The lamp will automatically begin operation at dusk-----once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently.v Light circuit controlled by microprocessor single-chipv Free maintenance within three years in normal use.v Color available by red, white, green, yellow, bluev Environment-friendly bird spike---deterring unwelcome bird life. url:

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