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Non-Toxic and Clean Property  Upe1000 Plastic Sushi Mould 
Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:49

Basic InfoColor: Natural, Yellow, White, Black, Green, BlueCertification: ISO9001: 2008, Test Report, RoHSPackage: Plastic Bags,Cartons,Wooden Case,Pallet,ContainerOrigin: Guangdong, ChinaAppplication: Food and Beverage Light Industry,Electronic IndusTrademark: engineering plasticSpecification: 5-2500mm or customizedProduct DescriptionNon-toxic and clean property upe1000 plastic sushi mould 1.Description: UHMW-PE(Ultra high Molecular Weight Polyethylene)is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with the averagemolecular weight more than 9.2 million (100% Virgin UHMW-PE Raw Material). This kind of material with five top performance of high-wear-resistance, good-chemical resistance, low-temperature resistance, self-lubrication and high-impact resistance, which is regarded as a "surprised" engineering plastic of excellent comprehensive capacity and competitive price. Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries (Group) Company has studied and applied this material in many industries for many years. And we know that it has the following main characteristics:  2.Characteristics:1. Very high-wear resistance, seven times wear resistance than steel, four times than PTFE2. Very high anti-impact resistance, two times impact resistance than PC, five times than ABS.3. Good self-lubrication, the same as PTFE, better than steel and brass appended lubricating oil.4. Good anti-corrosion resistance, it has very stable chemicals property and can endure the corrosion of all kinds of corrosive medium and organic solvent in certain rang of temperature and humidity.5. Very high-inadhesion resistance, the surface of product hardly affixes other material.6. Very high-impact resistance, ten times impact resistance than PA66, eight times than PTFE.7. Good low temperature resistance, in liquefied nitrogen (- 196ºC), it still has the prolongation.  few other materials can reach to this performance.8. Non-toxic and clean property, UHMW-PE material that made by Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries (Group) Company, which meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (ASDA) permit to apply in food and medicine fields.The Main Properties of UHMW-PE Property Item No.UnitValueMechanical Properties1Densityg/cm30.94-0.962average molecular weightg/mol 9.2X1063Tensile strength (23ºC in air)MPa224Breaking strengthMPa425Tensile strain at break%6006Charpy impact strength (notched)mJ/mm2 No break7Ball indentation hardnessN/mm2428Shore D hardness--D659Abrading(sand slurry experiment)            --100 10Coefficient of Friction             --0.09~0.1   url:

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