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Fri Oct 14, 2016 16:45

ZKTel's Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has standards for handling high definition video signals with pathological pattern. SMPTE's standards currently call for 259M (SD-SDI),Website:, 344M (ED-SDI), 292M (HD-SDI) and 424M (3G-SDI). "SMPTE 424M" is a standard which expands upon SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 344M, and SMPTE 292M allowing for bit-rates of 2.970 Gbit/s and 2.970/1.001 Gbit/s over a single-link cable. Our HD SDI video optical transceivers are available in SFP packages and in different configurations.Features• Robust error free transmission of signals from 50Mbps to 3Gbps with up to 80km single-mode fibernon MSA pin arrangement• Supports video pathological patterns for SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDIHot-pluggable• Diagnose and control via I2C interface including:• Monitoring of laser bias current, average output power, receive optical power, supply voltage and temperature• Alarm reporting• Single +3.3V power supply• Low Power Consumption• RoHS compliant• Operating temperature range: 0°C to 70°C• SMPTE 297-2006 compatible Support SMPTE 424M/292M/297M/259M• Video SFP Dual Transmitter / Video Dual Receiver SFP / Video • Transceiver/ Video CWDM SFP/ Video optical SFP Single Transmitter / • Video optical module Single Receiver / Video Dual TX/ Video Dual RX/ • Video APD Receiver / BiDi Video optical SFP / DWDM video SFP• Telcordia GR-468 compliantApplication• SMPTE 297-2006 compatible optical-to-electrical interfaces• Broadcast cameras• High-density video routers

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