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Fri Oct 14, 2016 16:47

Fibre Channel, or FC, is a gigabit-speed network technology primarily used for storage networking. Fibre Channel is standardized in the T11 Technical Committee of the International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS), an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)–accredited standards committee. It started use primarily in the supercomputer field, but has become the standard connection type for storage area networks (SAN) in enterprise storage. Despite its name, Fibre Channel signaling can run on both twisted pair copper wire and fiber-optic cables.Line-Rate :1GFC 1.0625 ; 2GFC 2.125; 4GFC 4.25 PackagePart No.Fiber TypeData Rate RangeWavelengthOptical ComponentsDistance Range/Power   BudgetConnectorCase Temperature rangeDDMApplicationFunctionSFPZD5AM16-DxLMMFup   to 4.25Gbps850nmVCSEL/PIN150mLCCom./Ind.DFCSFPZD5B056-DxLSMFup   to 4.25Gbps1310nmFP/PIN5kmLCCom./Ind.DFCSFPZD5D106-DxLSMFup   to 4.25Gbps1310nmDFB/PIN10kmLCCom./Ind.DFCSFPZD5D206-DxLSMFup   to 4.25Gbps1310nmDFB/PIN20kmLCCom./Ind.DFCSFPZD5E406-DxLSMFup   to 4.25Gbps1550nmDFB/PIN40kmLCCom./Ind.DFCSFPZD5G806-DxLSMFup   to 4.25Gbps1550nmDFB/APD80kmLCCom./Ind.DFC url:

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