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Vacuum Brazing Core Drilling Bit
Fri Oct 14, 2016 17:20

Vacuum brazing core drilling bitProduct Description:Diamond Core Drill Bit is a cylinder used for plunge cutting out materials. It is composed of a heat treated steel core and the working part which consists of diamond and metal powder. Electroplated diamond core drill bit usually have a single layer of diamonds, held by a touch durable nickle alloy. Electroplated core bit are able to retain their original shape and dimensions through their working life. Unlike sintered (metal bond) where diamond particles are buried in bond and held together by metal binder deep inside. The electroplating core bit allows diamond particles to protrude from the bond matrix, providing a free, faster drilling action with minimum heat generation.Application:The most common uses for core bits would be small projects, such as drilling out sink holes for faucets, while electroplated diamond core bit is suitable for fast drilling, marble, limestone, slate, ceramic, porcelain, glass, fiberglass, etc.Features:
●  Better removal rates and less thermal damage to the body
●  hold simple and intricate forms through the entire working life
●  Maximum exposure of diamond particle
●  Faster drilling and more consistent performanceStandard Specification for Electroplated marble diamond core drilling bit:Item No. Diameter Overall Length Shank Grit HZ-ECB2020mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB2525mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB2828mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB3232mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB3535mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB4343mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB5050mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB5555mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB6060mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB6565mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB6868mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB7070mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50HZ-ECB7575mm60mmM14,5/8"UNC,Straight30/40,40/50Other specifications are available as per your request.Service: Other specifications or fixing types of wire saw can be ordered by request.Customize formula according to stone features, such as hard, medium-hard or soft.Technical consultation support before and after sales. Please try best to inform information below when you are placing order:Drilling Target (Marble, Granite, Concrete, etc.)Core bit Type (one piece, three pieces)Diameter of core bit (Inch or mm)Thread Type of drill bit (M14, 5/8"-11, 1-1/4"UNC7)Length of core drill bit/Maximum Drilling Depth (mm)Quantity(pieces)Expected delivery time url:

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