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Clay Brick Light
Fri Oct 14, 2016 19:12

If you are looking for customized and cheap clay brick light made in China from a clay brick light factory, Zibo Qunhui Refractory Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Specifications 1. light weight refractory insulating bricks 2. light weight 3. thermal insulation property fire clay light weight refractory insulating bricks is a kind of light refractories.Its Al2O3 content is usually above 48%, its density commonly range from 0.4g/cm3 to 1.35g/cm3. It enjoys excellent thermal shock resistance. Light weight high alumina brick is widely used in the construction of furnace lingings. When it is face with fire directly, the temperature shoule below 1350°C.characteristics of Fire Brick:Excellent strength at ambient and elevated temperaturesHigh compressive strengthEvery brick ground to precise dimensionsVery low levels of iron and other impuritiesLightweight and energy-efficientLower heat storage than denser refractoriesHeats quickly and economically to operating temperatureCools fast to speed periodic operations.Typical Application:Glass IndustriesCeramics IndustriesElectrolytic Aluminum IndustriesIron & Steel IndustriesNon-Ferrous Metals IndustriesPower Generation IndustriesPackage: pallet with thermal shrinkage PEMaterials of Insulation BrickLightweight ClayLightweight High-aluminaLightweight High-alumina°COperation Temp122513001400ChemicalCompositionAI2O3%≥f304855SiO2%≥Fe2O3%≤≤2.01.0CaO%≤Alikali %≤ Density0.700.850.95%> Apparent Porosity756565MPa ≥Cold Compression Strength1.01.52%Linear Change on Reheating1250°C/12h-1-01400°C/12h-1-01500°C/12h-1-0(0.02MPa)Refractoriness under Load0.2%°C≥1150125013802.0%°C≥1200135014705.0%°C≥125014001510Thermal Conductivity20°C(W/mK)≤°C(W/mK)≤0.251000°C(W/mK)≤0.350.45 url:

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