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High Strength Wear-resistant Refractory Castable
Fri Oct 14, 2016 19:15

If you are looking for customized and cheap high strength wear-resistant refractory castable made in China from a high strength wear-resistant refractory castable factory, Zibo Qunhui Refractory Co.,Ltd is always at your service.castableSuitable for circulating fluidized bed boiler and other type boiler liner wear-resistant parts.indicatorsHF-160HF-135HF-130AL2O3  (%)  ≥756560SiO2(%)  ≤152025Bulk density (g/cm3)110°C×24h   ≥2.752.602.401000°C×3h    ≥2.752.602.40After burning, compressive strength, (MPa)110°C×24h    ≥8070601000°C×3h    ≥12010080Flexural strength, after burn, (MPa)110°C×24h    ≥9871000°C×3h    ≥141211.7After burning linear change (%)1000°C×3h    ≤-0.3-0.3-0.3Wear resistance (cm3)≤6810Coefficient of thermal conductivity  (w/m * k) shock resistance of 1000°C, water-cooled (time) ≥252525 url:

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