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Cast Iron Foundry Premium And High-efficient Si-Ba-Ca And Ca
Fri Oct 14, 2016 19:27

Quick Details Place of Origin:  Henan, China (Mainland)
 Brand Name:  Topchase
 Model Number:  Fe Si Ba alloy
 Application:  Cast iron foundry inoculants
 Shape:  Granule
 Material:  Si Ba Ca Nucleating agent
 Chemical Composition:  SiBaCa
 Company Type:  Factory
 Size:  0.2-0.7mm/1-3mm/Customzied
 Packing:  25kg bags into 1 MT big bag
 Production capacity:  600 MT/Month
 Certificate:  ISO 9001
 Inspection:  CIQ, Third party
 Sample:  Free
 Raw material:  SiBaCa inoculant calcium silicon barium
 Certificate of Origin:  YesPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details: 1 MT BIG BAG. Delivery Detail: Shipped in 15 days after paymentProduct detailSi-Ca-Ba is a new and high-efficient composite alloy of Ba Series. It can be used as deoxidizer, desulfurizer, and dephosphorization agent in steel-making industry. In foundry it can be used as inoculant and alterant.
 Ba can effectively reduce the vapor pressure of Ca within the temperature of making steel and increase the solubility of Ca in the molten steel. Compared with Si-Ca Alloy, if the Si-Ca-Ba alloy as the Ca source added into molten steel ,even the added amount of Ca is the half of Si-Ca alloy’s, the Ca content in the molten steel is about double than that of Si-Ca alloy and the stability of calcium in molten steel also improved significantly. It is proved that Ba effectively protect Ca in molten steel and reduce the oxidation of Ca so as to meet the purpose of handling calcium in molten steel.Property
 1. Reduce chilling tendency and relative hardness, improve machinability.
 2. Refining the grains, reduce segregation, uniform structure.
 3. High anti-decline ability, prevent declining of inoculants and nodular iron.
 4. Improve the primary structure, morphology and distribution of graphite.
 5. Reduce the Internal stress and casting section sensitivity.
 6. The Inoculant push the development of high strength gray cast?iron and improve technique?of vermicular iron casting and nodular?iron casting.
 7. Stable chemical composition and processing granularity, small deviation in quality and ingredients.ImagesSpecification
     BrandChemical Composition %CaBaSiAlMnCPS≥≤Si45 Ca15 Ba101513503.00.400.400.050.05Si45 Ca13 Ba101310503.00.400.400.050.05Si45 Ca11 Ba101110503.00.400.400.050.05Si45 Ca9 Ba10910503.00.400.400.050.05Si45 Ca7 Ba15715503.00.400.400.050.05Si45 Ca5 Ba15515503.00.400.400.050.05Note:The chemical composition and grain size can be adjusted as per customers’ requirements.Contact url:

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