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High Frequency Pipe Welding Making Machine
Fri Oct 14, 2016 19:30

Brief Introduction of KJ25 High Frequency Welded Tube MillⅠ.Product Overview1.This equipment is a special equipment which manufacturing dia – 9.5-22.2 mm for round tubes, thickness up to 0.25-0.8mm, the forming machine is semi-auto, and the welder is fully automatic.2. Application materials:(1) Hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel(2) Material: low carbon steel, low-alloy steel;(3) Strip thickness: 0.25-0.8mm(4) Strip width: according to the profile(5) Coil inner diameter: Φ350 ~ Φ450mm;(6) Coil outer diameter: Φ800 ~ 1200mm;(7) Tape & Reel Weight: ≤800kg;3. Processing Pipe size range:(1) The outer diameter: dia –9.5-22.2mm(2) Wall thickness: 0.25-0.8mm4. Products (steel) production process:Raw material (steel coil) → discharge → cutting and welding →leveling→ forming → rolling → high-frequency welding → deburring →cooling → sizing → rough straightening → cut To Length → drop tube5. Rolling speed: 20 ~ 50m / min. 6. High-frequency welder: 100KW Ⅱ.Main Equipment1. Discharge rack:Structure: 360 degree bilateral rotated manually tensioning.Its role is to meet the volume of alternately feeding the strip, the strip and ensure smooth entry into storage silos.Application Scope:Strip Width: according to your profileStrip Thickness: up to 2.5mmCoil outer diameter: Φ800~1200mmCoil inner diameter: Φ350~400mmTape Weight: ≤800kg2. Shearing machine and butter welding machine (the facility should be provided by client or purchased by client.)The function for the above machines is make the two coils be evenly trimmed, then welded in the mid, and then leveling weld bead.3. Storage binThe main function is store some steel sheet for the machine before weld the coil from the head to the tail, to make sure the machine can be continually working.(1)Structure: squirrel-cage plate welding, equipped with automatic feeder and discharging machine.(2) Adjustment mold: screw type manual adjust(3)150-300M。Storage capacity: 150-300M4. Forming, welding and sizing the main machine(1)Leveling It is equipped with nine negative leveling and a pair of guide rollers, it is mainly flattening and centering the sheet before it goes to the machine, to ensure the sheet can be formed on time.(2) Forming machineMainly formed the coil roughly, and control the weld bead.A. Horizontal roll stand(a)Quantity: 8 stand(b)Structure: Investment casting or 45 steel forgings, Double column Longmen style, roll changing from the side.(c) The diameter of the roller: Φ40mm, material: 42CrMO.B.Vertical roller stand(a) Quantity: 8 (b) Type: Passive rotation(c) Diameter: Φ25mm, material: 45# steel.C. Four piece of Gearbox (duplex)(a)StructureCylindrical gear; Spiral bevel gear(b) Material: box QT50, spiral bevel gear: 20CrMnTi, cylindrical gear: 40Cr; output and input shaft: 40Cr.(c)Transmission of power: 16 pcs of Automobile universal drive shaftD. Foundation installation (frame), it is shared with welding and sizing.(3)Guide, welding extrusion, and scraper(a) 1 pcs of guide roller, used in guiding and centering the weld bead.(b) 2 pcs of extrusion roller control the weld bead, to fulfill the perfect welding.(c) 2 pcs of outside weld frame planner, it is used in striking the crater outside the steel pipe.(d) The foundation is up to the forming machine(4) One set of Coolant gallery(5) Sizing machine(a) 6 pcs of horizontal and vertical roller stand, 3 pcs of gear box (duplex), 12 pcs of cardan shaft (the structure is the same as the forming machine)(b) Coarse straightening structureMainly coarse straightening the refined formed coil Structure: Turkey type, unilateral 2 rollers(c) The foundation is up to the forming machine(6) Main drive system(a) Main motor: Z4 series, 18.5KW AC  1 PCS(b) Main reducer: ZLY160-4.5 four axes  1 PCS5. Computer saw(1) Structure: tracked by the computer, and automatic cutting.(2) Cutting thickness: 0.25-0.8mm(3) Cutting O.D.: dia – 9.5-22.2mm(4) Cutting Tolerance: ≤5mm(5) Cutting motor: second level AC motor 4KW6. Drop tube rackIt is plate welded blanket type, with a fixed length signal Mechanism.7. High frequency welder: 100KW (Power supply 380V/220V, 50HZ)Ⅲ.The Main equipment 1. Discharge rack (bilateral sizing)2. Shear, welder3. Strorage bin4. Forming, welding, sizing machine (including the main drive)5. Computer saws6. Drop tube rack7. High frequency welder 100KW (including DC converter, master control table, Button Station)Ⅳ.Notes:We will provide the 6 pcs of die that you required.QUOTATION1.CIF HCM PRICE: USD24,240/set2.Lead time: 35 days after received the deposit and PI confirmation.3.Validity: The quotation will be valid for 7 days4.Warranty: 12 months after shipped the machine and engineers available to service machinery overseas5.Payment Term: 50% down payment, 50% balance must be paid after on-site inspection or LC at sight.Machine Pictures: url:

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