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Sidewall Roll Forming Lines
Fri Oct 14, 2016 19:32

Silo Equipment Technical Agreement(Wall Frame)CatalogueGeographical and EnvironmentEquipment introduction, working principle, technical parameters and the processing technology, etc.The scope of supply and supply list5.Equipment supervision and inspectionPackaging and anti-corrosionEquipment supervision and inspectionDocuments, drawings list and its sending timeDesign review, technical services and after-sales serviceThe geographical position engineering environmentAltitude: 1200~1400mmAmbient Temperature: Highest Temperature:+40℃  Lowest Temperature:-5℃Maximum Relatively Humidity: 80%Monsoon Thunder: Area with more lightning activities.Drive AV Voltage: 380V Frequency: 50HZ (Incoming line Voltage: 11000V)Equipment Instruction, Technical Parameters and Technical ProcessSummaryThe machine is a set machine with electricity, liquid technology as one of high performance, full-automatic cold roll forming line. The whole machine is composed of feeding and decoiling system, feeding guided system, roll forming system, cutting after forming system, finished product rack, electric control system and hydraulic system.Final Technical Parameters after fixing (Red items are fixed one.)NumberItemParametersRemark1Suitable Raw MaterialTypeGalvanized steel sheetThickness1.0-2.5mmShould be conformed within 7 days after signed the contract(mm)Width2(m/min)Forming Speed0-17Including Cutting off Time3Forming Station22Based on the final design4Main Forming Machine Motor Power11KWBased on the actual design5Main Motor Hydraulic Power5.5KWBased on the actual design6(KW)Total Power16.5KWBased on the actual design7SourceAC380V,50Hz,Three-Phase8Dimension10×1×1.5Based on the actual objects9Lead Time4510Sprocket20A  double11ChainWe adopted 20A-212Bearing621013Bearing Block13015Wall PlateThe thickness of wall plate is 20mm16Drawbar22mm17Roller MaterialCr12MovThe quenched hardness is 58 degreeProcessDecoiling→ Guided Feeding→ Roll Forming→Correction→ Cutting to Length→CollectioinSupply Range and List★ Feeding Guided PlatformSet the left and right guide device on the feeding inlet of main motor, keep raw material sheet and roll forming system in the right position. The guiding position should be adjusted by manual screw mechanism, and it can be adjusted from left to right independently.★ Roll Forming System1)5.5KW;Forming Main Motor Power: 11KW2) The roll forming system is composed of frame, transmission parts and cold forming roller group.3) The frame was manufactured segmentally and connected by all pats, the profile was welded integrally.4) The roller adopts bearing steel, and processed by forging, precision CNC machining and polishing the surface after plating chromium.5) The roller axle adopts bearing steel and it has been quenched and tempered; its support structure type is conjoined wall plate.6) The gear reducer motor and chain transmission drive lower roller group rotating, some of up and down roller adopt gear transmission.7) Adjusting the clearance of up and down roller by manual screw to fit for rolling different thicknesses of sheets. The tolerance of finished plate will change due to different strength and thicknesses of baseboard.★ Cutting after Forming SystemThe cutting system is composed of cutting frame, cutting mold, guiding device, cutting cylinder and cutting hydraulic station.1) The cutting frame adopts welding frame type with well integrally stiffness.2)The forming mold which the use of cutting mold fits the across-section of sheet will reduce distortion on cut-off point, use cut method to cut off, does not produce waste; the cutter blades material is Cr12 and has been quenched and tempered.3) The guiding device adopts sliding block structure, which can keep the blade cut off the plate stably under the pressure.4) The power of cutting off is provided by main motor hydraulic station, hydraulic station motor power:5.5 KW★ Finished Product RackThe rack was mainly used to place finished plate after forming to facilitate the handing of operators. This racking device is composed of two racks which the width meets the requirement of finished plate and the length is 2 meters. The frame is welded by square pipe profile, and sets numbers of automatic rotated supporting rollers according to the features of the transmission on the top, the bottom is composed of adjustable screws which can coordinate the height of finished plate in a certain range.★ Electronic Control System1) The system adopts PLC control and frequency control technology to realize the automatic production of whole machine.2) The system provides a friendly human-computer interface that can set batch, working length and numbers3) Operating type: Touch screen and buttons.4) Encoder Count has the function of number counting and length counting.5) PLC. Omolon PLC is been used.★ Universal correcting head1. Correction Structure: 3D Turkey correction head, It can be adjusted from left to right to make sure of straightness.2. Shaft diameter: 58mm3. Material: Cr12Mov★ Hydraulic System1) External independent hydraulic station is adopted (provides the power for cutting off)2) Main valve parts are domestic well-known brands.Quality and Inspection Standard of EquipmentThe quality of equipment references the enterprise standard.Inspection Standard: Quality objections are efficiency with 30 days after the commissioning is qualified.Package and AnticorrosionMachine is packed nude, the little piece and accessories are packed in wooden box.6.1 Factory Inspection6.2 Site acceptance testing item6.3Site unpack acceptance and inspectionDocuments, drawings list and sending time7.1 Basic requirementWe will provide four sets of drawings and data for the manufacturing within 15 days after the contract was signed.7.2 Project Design Files Delivery1) The relative drawings of outline, and basic design requirement.(See figure below)Data with the machine1) Equipment factory qualified certification2) Manual of equipment installation, assembly, operation and maintenance.3) Other technical files and data about installation, operating and maintenance requirement.4) Provide a detailed list of supporting manufacturers and supporting parts5) Other relative data.8. Design examination, technology service and after-sale service.The warranty period is one year. In the warranty period, the supplier is responsible for repairing the quality loss caused by the buyer, but the buyer must be in charge of cost. url:

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