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Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine
Fri Oct 14, 2016 19:33

Technical Proposal Name: curved corrugation automatic production lineModel:GWC 12-102-1122         profile                     picture 1 section of profileproposal of production lineThis production line realizes decoiling, roll-forming, punching, curving, cutting and stacking as an automatic producing process, requiring 1 worker.(Modified)Transmission of roll-former is chain wall plateCurving is after roll-forming, then cutting. The curving machine can curve two-direction, the curving radius is adjusted manually.The puncher has three punching station, it punches all holes one time together (we call this bulk puncher)total power of this production line:main roll-former:  15KW curving system: 2.5KWhydraulic system: 11KW (including the motor power)12*1.5*1.3The dimension is 12m*1.5m*1.3mtechnical process/sketchdecoil→guide&feed→level→roll-form→ bulk punch→curve following roll-forming→hydraulic cut→stackbasic parameters of finished product Thickness of panel: 0.5-3.0mm hot-dip zinc-coated steelMechanical performance:yield strength 340MPatensile strength 470MPacoil width: 1000mm-1200mm or as per customer request.inner diameter of coil:φ460-550mm The standard length of finished products: pls see the above drawing.main configuration and technical proposal (pls refer picture 6)passive decoiler 10T/During normal processing, the decoiler works passively.The capacity of this decoiler is around 10T, the width of coil is 1250mm.Feed&level system: five-roller leveler.(Pictures are based on specific profiles)roll-formerThe construction of roll-former: wall frameTransmission way: motor-chain drive-chain -main shaftas per drawingRoll-forming station: 17 stations15KW   415V   50HZ  3-相  交流电机(刹车电机 ABB)Brake Motor Model:ABBMain power: 55KW   380V     50HZ  3-phase  brake motorMain reducer: Cycloidal Pinwheel Reduction Box: 33-43-15KW.Material of rollers: GCr15 high-carbon chromium bearing steel, the hardness after heat treatment: HRC58-62The shape of rollers is designed through German design software COPRA, and processed on the precision NC machine. The surface of rollers is polishedThe diameter of shaft for rollers: φ120mm, 45# steel quenched and tempered.The dimension of roll-former: around 12m(length)*1.5m(width)*1.3m(height)hydraulic puncherThe hydraulic puncher consists of gantry(gantry consists of upper and down board, and post), punching die, hydraulic oil cylinder and etc. This puncher has three station, punches all holes together one time, each station has two oil cylinder, middle punch die has rack-and-pinion synchronizerDemould way is combining polyurethane soft demould and hard press die together.In order to install and exchange punching die easily, here we use construction in ball-lock style.(Modified and bases on the specific drawings)              up board of gantry   post of gantry   down board of gantry  guide post&guide bush   discharge board   punch oil cylinder  punch die(Modified and bases on the specific drawings)curving machineThe construction is three-roller and horizontal typeThis curving machine curves continuously following the roll-former, this can avoid the straight ends of panel, and besides, panel can be feed in and curved manually.the minimum radius of curving arch is R2m, the radius can be adjusted.(Based on the specific drawings.)hydraulic cutter for corrugation panelThis cutter consists of shear, angel adjustment system, system for adjusting higher or lower and backward or forward.Cutting power: is provided by hydraulic oil cylinder.Blades: the shape is matched with corrugation panel, the blade material is Cr12 die steel, hardness after quenched: HRC58-62.hydraulic cylinder  up and down blade  manual worm and gear worm and gear reducer    worm and gear reducercutter sketch(Modified and bases on the specific drawings)stacker for finished productsStacker consists of elevator device, device to move main carriage crosswise&longitudinal, stacking carriage, transmission device and etc.The stacker can be moved crosswise manually, in order to stack at two stationUsual run-out and stack process will not interfere swinging finished productsWhen the height of stacked finished products has reached 200-300mm, the stacked products will be move aside to be packed and swinged, another station will continue stacking.hydraulic systemhydraulic system for puncher:main power: 55KW,  380V  50HZ    3-Phase power of cooling pump: 4KW,system pressure: 25MPa, output volume of oil pump:63ML/R。hydraulic system for decoiler:main power : 7.5KW,    380V    50HZ   3-Phasesystem pressure: 16MPa, output volume of oil pump:20ML/ control systemMITSUBISHI (PLC)ABB frequency convertortouch screen (HMI)(Modified)Rotation encoder Omron brand±0.1mm positioning fiberMain electric control elements is of brand Schneide and etc.Two operation way: manually and automaticallysafety and protect function:During the manual or adjusting work way, the switch of operate board can give order to each part.During the automatic work way, the switch of the operate board can not give order to any parts, only the emergency stop switch is valid.Emergency stop buttons are set onto the both ends of production line, in order to emergently stop the machine when error happened, to insure the emergency brake of the system.There is drive inverse function in a short distance.technical parameter of corrugation panelTolerance of total length:±1mmTolerance of rib depth:± 0.8mmTolerance of hole location:≤0.3mmThe arch of corrugation panel: can be adjusted, the minimum radius is 1.6mTolerance of arch of corrugation panel: ±5mm adjustableThe quality of corrugation panel appearance: the zinc surface should be kept well basically, during production, some zinc will stick onto the rollers, so workers should often clear the surface of rollers, to insure that there’s no obvious scratch on the roller surface.Production speed:  1 piece of finished product per minuteQuotation1.FOB shanghai price: USD93750/set2.Payment Term: 30% down payment, 70% balance must be paid after on-site inspection.3.Lead Time: 30 days after received the deposit.4.Validity: the quotation will be valid for 30 days5.Warranty: 12 months after shipped the machine and engineers available to service machinery overseas url:

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