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Zinc Anode For Condenser
Fri Oct 14, 2016 21:38

Zinc anode for condensersZinc anodes has been used as a sacrificial anode material in seawater since 1824, when Sir Humphery Davy used zinc blocks to prevent corrosion of the copper cladding on the hulls of British warships.Modern zinc anodes used for cathodic protection are cast from high purity zinc (99.995 %) alloyed with-aluminium and silicon to combat impurities and cadmium to give uniform dissolution with loose dispersibl corrosion products. Chemical CompositionTypeZnFePbCuAlCdASTMB418Type1MIL-A-18001-KRemainder0.005%(max)0.006%(max)0.005%(max)0.1-0.5%0.025-0.070%ASTMB418Type2Remainder0.014%(max)0.003%(max)0.002%(max)0.005%(max)0.003%maxElectochemical PerformanceTypeOpen-Circuit-V (vsCu/CuSO4)GeneratingCurrent(A.h)/kg((vsCu/CuSO4)HAL-I1.57≥780Size and weight of Zinc anode for condensersTypeDYZ-CADYZ-CBDYZ-CCDYZ-CDDYZ-CEDYZ-CFSize1000x(80+100)x80500x(105+135)x100500x(80+100)x80400x(110+120)x50300x(140+160)x40200x(90+110)x40Weight50.0kg40.0kg25.0kg16.0kg12.5kg5.5kgTypeDYZ-Cylinder ADYZ- Cylinder BDYZ- Cylinder CDYZ- Cylinde DDYZ- Cylinder EDYZ- Cylinder FSize300x60360x40300x40200x50180x50120x100Weight30.0kg28.5kg20.0kg10.5kg8.5kg7.5kg*The Dim. Refers to length x width x thickness in mm* We also take customers’ requirements order. url:

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