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Round LED Panel Light
Fri Oct 14, 2016 21:38

Round LED Panel LightFeatures1.Super bright SMD2835 LED as lighting source; high efficiency energy Saving Eco friendly;2.Aluminium alloy frame with high thermal conductivity simple and nice;3.Integrated heat dispersion structure low lumens depreciation and long lifespan;4.External constant current driver universal available;5.Easy to install. TECHNICAL PARAMETER :ModelSizeHole cuttingSize(D)Installation WayWorkingTemperatureLight AngleLifespanIP RateABCBS-RPL70-3WØ85mm20mm14mm¢70 mmEmbedded-20℃~40℃180°30,000HIP21BS-RPL105-6WØ120mm20mm14mm¢105 mmEmbedded-20℃~40℃180°30,000HIP21BS-RPL130-9WØ150 mm20mm14mm¢130 mmEmbedded-20℃~40℃180°30,000HIP21BS-RPL150-12WØ170 mm20mm14mm¢150 mmEmbedded-20℃~40℃180°30,000HIP21BS-RPL170-15WØ190 mm20mm14mm¢170 mmEmbedded-20℃~40℃180°30,000HIP21BS-RPL205-18WØ225 mm20mm14mm¢205 mmEmbedded-20℃~40℃180°30,000HIP21BS-RPL220-20WØ240 mm20mm14mm¢220 mmEmbedded-20℃~40℃180°30,000HIP21BS-RPL280-24WØ300 mm20mm14mm¢280 mmEmbedded-20℃~40℃180°30,000HIP21 TECHNICAL PARAMETER :ModelInput VoltagePower(±5%)WeightLED Qty./ TypeCCTCRILuminous FluxPFBS-RPL70-3WAC85-265V3W0.30kg15pcs/28352700-6500KRa>80380lm>0.9BS-RPL105-6WAC85-265V6W0.35kg30pcs/28352700-6500KRa>80550lm>0.9BS-RPL130-9WAC85-265V9W0.45kg45pcs/28352700-6500KRa>80850lm>0.9BS-RPL150-12WAC85-265V12W0.5kg60pcs/28352700-6500KRa>801000lm>0.9BS-RPL170-15WAC85-265V15W0.6kg75pcs/28352700-6500KRa>801100lm>0.9BS-RPL205-18WAC85-265V18W0.75kg90pcs/28352700-6500KRa>801050lm>0.9BS-RPL220-20WAC85-265V20W0.75kg100pcs/28352700-6500KRa>801250lm>0.9BS-RPL280-24WAC85-265V24W0.9kg120pcs/28352700-6500KRa>801750lm>0.9PHOTOELECTRICITY PARAMETERINSTALLATIONDRAWINGAPPLICATION:◎ Commercial  lighting, environmentally friendly lighting, warehouse , supermarket  and home illumination.◎ IT, call centers, shopping malls and Exhibition Hall, art gallery, the hospital hotel  and other public places.◎ Exhibition Hall, art galleries, museums, offices, reading-room, corridor, staircase lighting,such as contour rangeHOW TO CHOOSE LUMINOUS EFFICACY OF LED PANEL LIGHT?Light source: low power SMD LEDs (placed in the edge of the plate)Quick response when power on , no noise, no UV, no strobe light;Adpot own-designed LED driver with high power factort;Low luminous decay, Quick response when power on, long lifespan, no noise, no UV, no strobe light, no pollution;Conclusion: selection LED panel light should not only consider high luminous angle, but also consider energy-saving and luminous efficacy.According to LED panel light lifespan, luminous efficacy can well reflect LED Pane light whether energy-saving.If you choose to 3535 SMD LED panel light as light source, emitting 5213lm with only use 60W power which means that our luminous efficacy is 87lm/W. If you choose to 5630 SMD LED panel light as light source, emitting 7041lm with only use 60W power which means that our luminous efficacy is 117.3lm/W url:

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