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Magnesium Ribbon Anode
Fri Oct 14, 2016 21:44

Magnesium Ribbon Anode   Specification: 1..Magnesium alloy ribbon (25 Gram/Coiled;12.5 Gram/Coiled)2.Magnesium strip 3.high quality 4..low price Magnesium  alloy ribbon Magnesium strip  Maximum sheet width115MMMinimum sheet thickness 0.5MMApplication:Printing plate with etching/ Stamping 3c auto parts mg battery shell/ decorative sheet construction /military industry/, batter anode for sea water /, instrument and meter shellHigh performance alloys which are more electro-chemically reactive and generate much higher cell voltages. This results in rapid activation and short voltage transience on switching between loads,making them more suitable for the high demands required for military applications. The chemical and metallurgical conditions of all these alloys are carefully controlled to provide optimum properties.Condition:AZ31  sheet is annealed and rolled flattened.AZ31 and AZ61 coiled strip is available as-fabricated or annealed at the user's option.Chemical composition of magnesium ribbon anode, %Mn Zn Al(max) Cu(max) Ni(max)Fe(max) Si(max)ImpuritiesMg Each Total 0.50-1.3---- min0.7-1.32.5- of magnesium ribbon anodeSection (inch) 3/8X3/4± 0.015 (1/8" corner)Diameter of core (inch)0.135Core eccentric (inch)<1/16Weight (lbs/feet)0.243Standard coil length (feet)1000Coil weight (lbs)243 (110kg) url:

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