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High Potential Casting Magnesium Anode
Fri Oct 14, 2016 21:44

high potential casting magnesium anodeMagnesium anode is the most common material used as sacrificial anode in cathodic protection system because of its higher driving voltage, easy installation and limited maintenance. It is typically used for buried transmission oil& pipelines, and also can be used to protect structures in fresh water.Our Mg anodes all manufactured and tested according to latest international standards, such as ASTM B843 and ASTM G97, it is available from both M1C (high potential) or AZ63B (Std potential) alloy with annual capacity 8,000 metric tons.High Potential (HP) Cast Magnesium anode is the best choice for CP systems in high resistivity soil since it is made from the high purity magnesium which provides higher electrochemical and efficiency.FeatureHigh purity raw materialrigid process controlautomatic productionadvanced testing facilitiesSpecificationHigh Potential Magnesium Anodechemical compositionAlloyASTM B843-M1CAluminum0.01% MaxManganese0.50-1.30Copper0.005% MaxSilicon0.05% MaxNickel0.001% MaxFe0.01% MaxSingle Impurity0.05% MaxTotal Impurity0.30% MaxRemainingMagnesiumElectrochemical PropertiesOpen Voltage(-mV)1.70-1.75(-V) SCEClosed Voltage (-mV)1.58-1.62(-V)
     SCEActual capacity (A.h/kg)1100Efficiency50%Dimension and WeightSpecifications and drawings of HP & H1 Magnesium Anodes"D" Type Cast Magnesium Anode   TypeWeight(kg) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) Insert(mm) 3D23lbs69.976.2182Strip5D25lbs69.976.2303Strip9D2 9lbs69.976.2547Strip14D214lbs69.976.2850Strip20D220lbs69.976.21260Strip9D39lbs88.995.25259Strip17D317lbs88.995.25657.2Strip32D532lbs139.7146.05523.9Strip48D548lbs139.7146.05765.2Strip60D460lbs1141141520Strip* We also take customers’ requirements order."R"Type Cast Magnesium Anode TypeN.W.(kg) G.W(kg) DIA(mm) Length HP(mm)LengthH1(mm) Insert DimensionR363.6kg3.7kg11420219325x2x190R414.1kg4.2kg11423022025x2x190R505.0kg5.1kg11428026825x2x195R777.7kg7.8kg11443141225x2x332R10010kg10.2kg11456053625x2x428R14514.5kg14.7kg14649447225x2x428R22722.7kg22.9kg17852049725x2x428R274(I)27.3kg27.6kg17863061825x3x550R274(II)27.3kg27.6kg1141528146225x3x1300*We also take customers’ requirements order."S" Type Cast Magnesium Anode  Type N.W.(kg) A(mm)B(mm)C(mm)Insert(mm)3S33lbs7676114Strip5S35lbs7676191Strip9S29lbs71.150.8711strip9S39lbs7676343Strip17S317lbs96.576.2650Strip17S417lbs102102432Strip32S532lbs127127533Strip48S548lbs127127800Strip* We also take customers’ requirements order.Packing:Usually by pp bag, then into pallet or wood boxDelivery time:Please contact us for the delivery time according to your quantity url:

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