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Stainless Steel Stub Ends
Sat Oct 15, 2016 06:41

Stainless Steel Stub EndsStainless steel stub end,Website:, also known as stainless steel lap joints and stainless steel flare laps, is a pipe fitting used in place of welded flanges where rotating back up flanges are desired. A rotating back up flange seats itself against the back surface of the stub end. The seal is made by the gasket surface of the stub end alone, the flange only provides the clamping pressure on the joint. There are two main types of stainless stub ends: seamless stainless steel stub end and welded stainless steel stub end. Different production processes are adopted according to different types. We always use press forming to produce seamless stainless stub end and argon arc welding to form welded stainless stub end. The size of stainless stub end we manufacture ranges from DN15 to DN1200. This is just the start instead of the completion of our service when products are delivered to you. We offer you most comprehensive after sales service and ensure best operational performance of our products. For metal, we are serious. Stainless Steel Stub Ends Size OD: Seamless DN15-DN600; Welded DN15-DN1200;  WT:SCH5S-SCH160;Process Press forming, Argon Arc WeldingSurface Aid Pickling, PolishingMain Grades of Stainless Steel Stub Ends Austenitic/Super Austenitic Stainless Steel Stub Ends 304,  304H,  304L,  304LN,  321,  321H,  316,  316L,  316LN,  316Ti,  317L,  310S,  310H,  314,  347H,  904L,  S31254,  N08367,  N08926,  S32654,  S31277 Ferrite/Super Ferrite Stainless Steel Stub Ends 405,  430,  439,  444,  TP446-1/TP446-2,  S44660,  S44735,  S44736 Duplex/Super Duplex Stainless Steel Stub Ends S31500,  S31803,  S32205,  S32304,  S32520, S32550,  S32750,  S32760 Martensite/Super Stainless Steel Stub Ends   410S,  410,  420,  420J2,  431,  17-4PH,  13Cr110,  17Cr110/125 Nickel Alloy Stub Ends N04400,  N05500,  N06600,  N06601,  N06025,  N06617,  N06625,  N06690,  N08810,  N10276,  N06022,  N10665,  N10675,  N08020,  N08028,  N08031,  N06985,  N06030,  N06035,  N07750Production Standard of Stainless Steel Stub Ends ASME ASTM B16.9 ASME B16.9 MSS MSS SP-43 HG HG/T 21621, HG/T 205099 JIS JIS2313DIN DIN2605 DIN2615 DIN2616 DIN2617Tolerance in butt-welding fittings(ASTM/AISI B16.9、B16.28) of Stainless Steel Stub Ends Specifications  Types Nominal diameter 1/2-21/2 3-31/2 4 5-8 10-18 20-24 26-30 32-48 Outside Diameter All Pipe Fittings+1.52±1.52+2.29+4.06+6.35-0.76--1.52-3.05-4.83Inside Diameter All Pipe Fittings±0.76-±3.05±4.83Wall Thickness All Pipe Fittings≥0.875*WTLength Stub Ends±1.52±2.29±4.83Parameter Table of Stainless Steel Stub EndsNominal Diameter Outside Diameter Length Diameter of Lap Nominal&Maximum R DN NPS OD LP SP G A Max B Max 151/221.376513530.75203/426.776514330.7525133.4102515130.75321.1/442.4102516450.75401.1/248.3102517360.7550260.3152649280.75652.1/273.01526410580.7580388.915264127100.75903.1/2101.615276140100.751004114.315276157110.751255141.320376186111.51506168.320389216131.52008219.1203102270131.525010273.1254127324131.530012323.9254152381131.535014355.6305152413131.540016406.4305152470131.545018457.2305152533131.550020508305152584131.555022559305152641131.560024610305152692131.5Size Deviation of Stainless Steel Stub EndsNominal diameter Butt end OD WT Stub OD Corner radius DN NPS 15-401/2-11/2(+/-)0.8≥87.5%+0+0-0.8-0.850-902-31/2(+/-)0.8+0+0-0.8-0.81004(+/-)0.8+0+0-0.8-0.8125-2005-8+1.6+0+0-0.8-0.8-0.8250-45010-18+2.3+0+0-0.8-1.6-1.6500-60020-24+3+0+0-0.8-1.6-1.6Packing Information of Stainless Steel Stub Ends Stainless steel stub end from Sheye Metal are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or international transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.A. Sheye Metal Export Standard Seaworthy Packing for Stainless Steel Stub End. Wooden Pallet, Plywood Case, Wooden Boxes.B. Customization (Stainless Steel Stub Ends)If you are going to buy high quality stainless steel stub ends in stock, please feel free to contact Sheye Metal, which is one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of good stainless steel stub ends.

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