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Industry Grade Nta Acid Cas 139-13-9
Sat Oct 15, 2016 07:32

It was applied to metal ion chelating agent, and widely used in textile printing, dyeing , soap industry and electroplating industry.Product IdentificationSynonyms name:Nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA)CAS No:139-13-9Molecular Weight:191.14Chemical Formula:C6H9NO6TEST ITEMLIMTAPPEARANCEWhite crystalline powderрН  (10g/L wt,25℃)2.1-2.5Complexation force test≥98.5%Chelate Value(mg/g)PassSO4  %≤0.002Fe, %≤0.002Chlorides, %≤0.002Cu %≤0.0005Loss on drying,%≤0.1Ignition residue (as SO4)≤0.1Ammonia in the dissolution testPassKeywords:Nitrilotriacetic acid; NTA; metal ion chelating agent; electroplating industry.Baoding Kaiyue Chemical Co.,LTDTel:+86 03123220379Fax:+86 03133289655Copyright © 2016 Kaiyuechem Ltd. All rights reserved. url:

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