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Industry Grade Eddha
Sat Oct 15, 2016 07:34

In sewage treatment, it is metal ion chelation and dispersion; On the paper, it is the stability of the hydrogen peroxide bleaching compositions; In the aspect of dyeing, it can clean color and to float color dyeing.TEST ITEMLIMTAPPEARANCERed brown liquidрН  1% р-р  25°C6.0-9.0Purity %≥50.0%Cd %≤0.001Phosphorus content       (1 g/L EDDHA solution)≤70ppmOdourslightKeywords:Eddha ; eddha na; sewage treatment.Baoding Kaiyue Chemical Co.,LTDTel:+86 03123220379Fax:+86 03133289655Copyright © 2016 Kaiyuechem Ltd. All rights reserved. url:

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