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Industry Grade EDTA Cu 15
Sat Oct 15, 2016 07:35

It is used as a supplement trace elements copper in agriculture and horticulture, the production of certain pesticides and fertilizer raw materialsTest itemsStandardChelated Cu %14.5-15.5Heavy metal( Pb)%≤ 0.001Cd %≤0.001As %≤0.0002Water insoluble matters%≤ 0.1PH(10g/L,25℃)6.0-7.0appearance:Blue crystal powderKeywords:EDTA Cu,EDTA copper, micronutrients cuBaoding Kaiyue Chemical Co.,LTDTel:+86 03123220379Fax:+86 03133289655Copyright © 2016 Kaiyuechem Ltd. All rights reserved. url:

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