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Aqueous Coatings
Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:01

Feature: good wearable, matt gloss, fast dry and anti-wetting sticky, strong adherence, fast curing speed compare oil based or solvent based varnish, it is perfect environment varnish.It was applied to protect printed folders from exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, scuffs, scratches and frequent handling.Parameters:AppearanceSolid contentViscosity #4 zahn cupPH valueConsumable amountMilky white40-42%40-60s8.0-9.04-6g per㎡Application: coating on all kind of paper, kraft boards, bronze paper, art  paper.Printing instruction:
1. method: spraying,  coating, gravure print available.
2. if viscosity too high, add ≤5% water or water mix Isopropanol to dilute it.
3. to ensure of good coating  drying, suggest bake temperature 100-135℃
4. Printer clear: water clear  direct after printing.
Package: 20/25kg/plastic drum
Storage: inner room, avoid sunshine explosion.
MOQ: 500 kg
Sample: free sample
Order time: generally 3-7daysPayment term: TT, LC, DP, etcEmail:william@dg-ink.comTel:86-769-82311108Mobile:86-15916914022 (whatsapp) url:

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