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Digital Orientation Modules For MWD
Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:25

"Tokensun" Directional sensor
 Go everywhere you want!Main technical parameters: Working temperature: 175℃Measurement accuracy: inclination of 0.1°;azimuth of ±0.3°; toolface of ±0.1°Measurement under vibration: Satisfy accuracy of ±0.1°while measuring under vibration of 10g(10~150Hz)Remote calibration modeProduct introduction:
 "Tokensun" directional sensor widely applied for wireline logging and MWD systems. Selecting high accuracy accelerometer sensors and fluxgate sensor and adopting thick film integrated circuit technology for circuit, it can operate under 175℃. With small volume, compact structure, high vibration resistance, high reliability, it can be customized according to different demands as well.Product characteristics: Maximum accuracy: inclination of ±0.1°, azimuth of ±0.3°and toolface of ±0.1°within 0~175℃.With accurate measurement under strong vibration of 10g peak value(20Hz~100Hz)With shock resistance of 1000g, and vibration of 20grmsDigital data transmissionWith minimum size of Φ31mm×384mm(Four types of standard shape, and can be customized according to users’ demands.) Product applications: Directional drilling and geosteeringMWD/LWDTechnical parameters: Measurement Accuracy:Inclination±0.1°Toolface±0.1°Azimuth±0.3°@90° ±1°@10° ±2°@5°Electrical performance:Input voltage scope±12V~±15V,+5VInput current50mA@±15V,50mA@+5VLogical levelTTL/CMOSBaud rate9600(default) maximum to 115200Communication proposalASC Ⅱor binary systemWorking temperatureTemperature compensation scope0~175℃Storage temperature scope-40℃~185℃Shock1000G,0.5MSVibration while drilling20gOutline parameters:Diameter31mmLength384mmConnectorMDM9SH003P(MDM15PH003F)Matching connectorMDM9PH003L(MDM15SH003L)Notice: At present, 200℃ directional sensor can be customized according to your drilling environment, please contact for more information. url:

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