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High Temperature Directional Sensor Provides Highly Accurate
Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:25

High accuracy directional sensor Model: WL600 WL600H WL800 WL800H DS720 DS720H DS750 DS750H DS900 SERIES HNYN provides a wide variety of high performance directional and logging sensors designed for oil and gas exploration in challenging environments. Our sensors are used in directional drilling, borehole logging, EM and pulse based MWD systems, and in high temperature drilling applications for oil, gas, and geothermal.Our sensors feature rugged construction, high reliability, and high accuracy. Our sensors support two communication protocols for wide range of information from downhole to the surface, including roll, inclination, azimuth, vibration, shock, and rotational data.Technical parameters: Measurement accuracyInclination±0.1°Toolface±0.1°Azimuth±0.3°@90°±1°  @10°±2° @5°Electrical performanceInput voltage range10V~36VInput currentWorking: 75mA@15V  Standby: 10mA@15VLogic levelTTL/CMOSBaud Rate9600(default)up to115200Communication protocolASCⅡor binaryWorking environmentCompensation temperature range0~175℃Storage temperature range-40℃~185℃Shock1000G, 0.5msVibration when drilling20gOutline parametersDiameter31mmLength384mmConnectorMDM9SH003P (MDM15PH003F)Matching connectorMDM9PH003L (MDM15SH003L) url:

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