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GD Fenders
Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:43

Looking for high quality and low price gd fenders products from leading gd fenders manufacturers and suppliers? Please feel free to contact Talent Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd, we are a professional company with productive factory.GD FendersTLT-GD Fender Features of GD Fenders: 1、TLT-GD rubber fender is a new type fender on the basis of D type fender innovation, TLT-GD fender enlarge fender bottom width and pre-built-in steel plate mount, it can be fixed with double bolts, the strength of installation and working life is much more improved than D type fender. 2、Higher reaction force and energy absorption than D type fender. 3、Suitable for frame style dock, and easily installation and repair. Dimension of GD FendersFender SizesDimensionHBbLQpShTtknGD 300×540×100030054043010001507001651208241402GD 300×540×150030054043015001506001651208241403GD 300×540×200030054043020001455701651208241404GD 300×540×250030054043025001505501651208241405GD 300×540×300030054043030001505401651208241406GD 300×600×100030060049010001507001651208241402GD 300×600×150030060049015001506001651208241403GD 300×600×200030060049020001455701651208241404GD 300×600×250030060049025001505501651208241405GD 300×600×300030060049030001505401651208241406[Unit: mm] Performance of GD Fenders:Fenders SizesDynamic PerformanceRated compressiondeflection(%)Reaction Force(KN)Energy Absorb(KN-M)Tolerance(%)GD 300×540×10005047517±10%GD 300×600×100049520  url:

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