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AC-D Acrylate Resin
Sat Oct 15, 2016 13:52

Product Introduction AC-D is an acrylic derivatives (Derivatives) based grouting material,Website:, the viscosity is very low almost like water, can be poured into the fine cracks which high-viscosity grout material can not meet. After solidification is a rubbery, flexible, stretchable, water swelling, impervious hydrated gel (Hydrogel), can be adapted to be deformed. Suitable for: engineering brick grout, hose grout, curtain grout, etc,. Advantage 1.environmental: similar product of foreign country test data confirm that during the reaction and cured state, does not emit toxic substances into groundwater. During the reaction, the polymer component is not formed, it is completely rapidly biodegradable. Not pollute the environment, they are environmentally friendly products.
2.the grout is an aqueous solution of low molecular weight compounds, without solid particles, low viscosity, goodgroutability ,can be poured into the fine cracks.
3.the gel time can be regulated, help control the spread of the scope of the grouting, reduce the cost.
4.polymerformed by the polymerization reaction , the main chain is carbon - carbon, have good chemical stabilityfor many material like acid, alkaline, solvents and gasolineApplications 1.fractured bedrock, sand and gravel seepage curtain grouting;
2.concrete deformation joints, cracks, construction joints grouting plugging;
3.brick works grouting;
4.Injection hose grouting.Component AC-D grout composed by 3 chemical (A1,A2,B)material and water. A1,A2 is trasparent liquid, B is white powder.Preparation 1.A: 1/2 A1, add A2 for 5% weight of A1 and mix to A, A storage time can not over 12 hours(depands on temperature, higher temperature shorter storage time).2.B: According to the applicable period requirement of construction, use 0.2%-5% B of A1 weight, add same volume water as A to B liquid. B liquid storage time can not over 5 hours(depands on temperature, higher temperature shorter storage time).3.Applicable adjust: The time is ralated to volume of A2 and B and temperature of grout, bigger volume, higher temperature, shorter applicable time.Main technical parameter         No.                                   Item                 Tech. DataStandard of national construction material trade1  Grout AppearenceLight yellow liquid2Density (g/cm³)1.047/28.5 ℃GB/T 44723Viscosity(mpa.s)3.5±0.2GB/T 102474PH value8SL 3525Reaction timeadjustable        GelAppearenceSemi-transparent elastic body6Tensile Strength, mpa0.2GB/T 528-20097Elongation rate %300GB-T 528-20098Permeability coefficient cm/s3.04(±)*10-9GB-T 501239Expansion rate %5-10GB-T 1817310Solid perfusion sand wet compressive strength0.67±15%ASTM D 4219-08

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