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High Strength Epoxy Grout
Sat Oct 15, 2016 13:52

Features: ●  Low viscosity,Website:, without granule, able to be injected into tiny cracks ●  Flexible after polymerize ,adopt to the changes of the cracks caused by expansion and contraction ●  Prevent the cracks water seepage ●  High strength , can transfer stressDescription There has been many years of research and application for epoxy resin grouting material, hundreds of various of formula has been put forward, which mainly pursue the bonding strength of the body filled and the strength of the material after self-solidification ,usually ,their ability of transformation is poor . It is feasible for grouting where the temperature is basically constant. However, because the temperature expansion coefficient between the filling body and the epoxy resin solidification body is different, take the ferroconcrete for example: its temperature expansion coefficient is 6×10-6/℃, while the epoxy resin solidification body is 5~8 times the ferroconcrete, when the filling bodies' temperature altering, different volume changes will cause destruction of the joint surface , thus lead to the repair effect is not durable. In order to solve such cases (repairing the surface of the concrete), internationally, we often research and use cement-based repairing material.Being able to be injected into tiny cracks through chemical grouting; high strength of bonding power; and additionally the easy-to-transform feature so as to adopt different changes, possessing all these advantages, High Strength Epoxy Grout can help us solve all the above-mentioned problems.Application Seepage-proofing and concrete reinforcing grouting for deformation cracks, construction cracks and cracks in the field of Subway, hydraulic structures, and others industrial and civil concrete buildings,Main Performance Index: PERFORMANCEINDEXViscosity (mPa.s)/20℃< 100Initial Setting Time(h)/20℃> 1Finale Setting Time(h)/20℃< 5Bonding Strength (MPa)> 3 (dry)> 2 (wet)Compressive Strength (MPa)>60/Compressive Deformation 50%Tensile Strength (MPa)>10How to Use According to relevant construction specification construction.Storage Stored in the shade, 12 month validity without opening the package.

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