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Flat Head Packer
Sat Oct 15, 2016 13:53

Description of injection packers Injection packer/ grout packer/ inserts/ aluminium packer/ steel packer/ concrete packer for concrete cracks repair and sealing. Low price and good quality grout packers from China factoryPacker brief introduce: Grout packers are used for injecting epoxy grout , acrylic resin and polyurethane foam in into concrete cracks at a pressure higher than 20kg/cm( max. Pressure 500kg/cm).Specifications Concrete crack high pressure Injection packer
     size10mm*80mm10mm*95mm10mm*100mm13mm*100mm13mm*150mm13mm*340mmSizes can OEM as clients’ requirements. About us: We produce injection packers in various specifications that are required in repairing and reinforcing concrete structures. The factory automation we have enable us not only cut back costs but also produce them in uniform quality. The specification of packers used here may be chosen depending on the thickness of the concrete structure and on site situation. url:

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