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One Time Injection Tube For Waterproofing
Sat Oct 15, 2016 13:53

Installation methodCut injection hose to length 6-8 m, two ends fetch out of concrete form with connection pipe andconduit, draw outside of concrete by 200-300mm; Hose covered in concrete should colligation onthe steel bar, closing the outlet with plug..Clip injection hose on even concrete surface, span 200-300mmConcrete covers to a thickness of at least 50mmHose cross position must contact the concrete tightly, outlets overlapping allowed.Hoses in parallel, span at least 50mmSwerving radius at least 150mm, no folding angle, not allowed bounded to rebar.Grouting materials:Suitable grouting material must meet the requirements of the joint. Here are two kinds of grouting material are alternative. Want to know more information, please contact Beijing Lang Wei times science and technology co., ltd.1. GI acrylic resin: Water swellable 1.5 times. GI acrylic resin is a kind of low viscosity resin,  which can penetrate fine cracks and capillary and seal them permanently. Acid, alkali, many solvent and fuel resistance. It is easy to clean the equipment and tools which are polluted by this resin with water.2. SI superfine cement: a kind of single compound, micro cement based on the state of suspending liquid, use directly. SI can mix with water in high speed, form a kind of low viscosity, high permeability cement suspended matter. This fine property makes it able to penetrate the subtle gap, seal them reliably.Package :100m/rollStorageNo damage the package during transportation and storage.Put in dry, ventilated place, keep away from sunlight.Prohibit from contacting acid, alkalis, oil, organic solvent heat source etc.,Keep it in-house, sealed and no pressure.Guarantee period:12 month url:

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