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Bentonite Waterstop
Sat Oct 15, 2016 13:55

IntroductionBentonite waterstop is a kind of strip-shaped seal material by many material mixing and extrusion, possessed meeting water swelling and self – adhesive to the concrete construction joints. Wrapping up by concrete, it expands gradually to block the crack and tighten the interface. Concrete structure gets high water resistance pressure. It is a perfect water-proofing product  for concrete construction joint. Application scopeWidely used in metro, pond, sewage plant, tunnel, culvert , concrete construction joint, component joint, pipe joint in shield construction, repair or protective waterproof etc.InstallationClean, dry the surface, no greasy dirt, no dust, sediment etc.Remove the packing film, stick to the surface directlyFix on top and side by nail safely. Mount at a proper time to prevent from strip pre-expanding because of raining or water contact.StorageNo damage the package during transportation and storage. Put in dry & ventilated place, Keep away from sunlight.Prohibit from contacting acid, alkalis, oil, organic solvent, heat source etc., Keep in-house and no heavy press. Guarantee period: 12 monthPackage10×20    20×30     50m// box                    url:

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