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Pu Coating
Sat Oct 15, 2016 13:58

Product introduction:Single-component moisture-curing pure polyurethane waterproof coating is a kind of liquid polymer waterproof material,suitable for dry and wet base surface construction, solidified into high tough and elastic, non-toxic and tasteless waterproof film after coating. It is a new type of environmental friendly waterproof material without solvent.Features:1. One-component in a barrel, namely use once opened. To avoid unstable product quality resulted from improper multicomponent mix proportion.2. Stable product performance, excellent functions of anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance.3. Suitable for wet base and variable cross-section engineering with complex structure, perfect bonding performance.4. Easy to operate, suitable for large areas of engineering construction and domestic maintenance and use.5. pretty good cohesion with concrete, all kinds of pipes, plate and various waterproof sheetMain Index:NO.ItemsⅠⅡ1Tensile Strength MPa≥1.92.452Elongation at Break %≥5504503Tearing Strength N/mm≥12144Bend at Low Temperature℃≤-405Unpermeability 0.3MPa 30minImpermeable6Solids Content%≥80Scope of Application:1. Flat, stand, cant roof of building, lavatory bath room, swimming pool, gutter and green roof.2. Underground construction: concrete floor, beam, shear wall, retaining wall, elevator shaft,etc.3. Subway, tunnel, underground magazine, pool, ponds. url:

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