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Polyester Polypropylene Film Metal Capacitors CH11
Sat Oct 15, 2016 14:53

Polyester Polypropylene Film Metal Capacitors CH11FEATURES● Polyester/Polypropylene film/Foil, inductive wound construction● Temperature coefficient of capacitance at a certain temperature range is smalland similar to polycarbonate● Low loss at high frequency● High insulation resistance, good capacitance stability● Epoxy resin vacuum-dippedSPECIFICATIONSReference Standard:GB/T6346 (IEC 60384-11)Climatic Category :55/105/21Rated temperature:85℃Operating temperature range:-55℃~105℃(+85℃ to +105: decreasing factor 1.25% per ℃ for VR(dc)Rated Voltage: 1000V,/1200VCapacitance Range:0.00051μF ~ 0.00μFCapacitance Tolerance:±5%(J), ±10%(K), ±20%(M)Voltage Proof:2.0UR (5s) ≤0.5%(20℃,1kHz)Dissipation Factor:≤0.5% (20℃,1kHz)Insulation Resistance:≥50 000MΩ (20℃,1min)TYPICAL APPLICATIONSSuitable for timing circuit and oscillation circuit, etcPolyester Polypropylene Film Metal Capacitors CH11.pdf url:

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