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EDLC Gold Super Capacitors Module SM-5R5-405UL
Sat Oct 15, 2016 14:54

Super Capacitors Module SM-5R5-405UL(gold capacitors,ultra capacitors,EDLC)Specification/Condition Product model:SM-5R5-405 UL Rate discharge capacitance (F):(25℃, △V=1.5V-1.25V I=0.1A) 4.0 Capacitance tolerance :- 10%~+20% Operating temperature range:-25℃~+70℃ Rated Voltage U0 (V):5.5ESR (mΩ,1KHz, 25℃), Max:200Dimension (mm LxWxH):26x13x23Tab-lead distance(mm p):18±0.5 Tab-lead diameter(mm dXb):0.6Cycle life expectancy:After 100,000 times of cycles between U0 1/2U0  at RT,︱                                        △C/C︱≤30%,ESR≤4 times of specified ESR(25℃)EDLC gold Super Capacitors Module SM-5R5-405UL.pdf url:

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